10 Black belt + white pants: The practical and nothing obvious duo

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From the series: details that make all the difference, we have today this combination simple, practical, accessible and powerful. Black belt + white pants, anyone who has ever stopped thinking about this union has to take the test right now. We say this because the look gets a charm all special due to the p & b contrast that these two pieces make possible. That is, when you are putting on that look with white pants and feel that it can become more stylish, you can insert a black belt that is successful. The visual leaves the common place and gains personality.

white shirt and black belt

For being very practical and accurate this trick has been mega advantage of the more tuned galera. Be in the total white look to make the look more interesting. Be it in the production of the day to day with basic pieces to create that most stylish effect. Be even in combinations with colored pieces, because they are neutral tones the black belt and the white pants fall well with blouses and shirts of the most varied.

tank top and white pants

total white with beige blazer

Green shirt and white pants destroyed

blouse and black belt

white blouse and black belt

jeans shirt and white pants

gray blazer, black blouse and white pants

tank top and black belt

Maxi coat and white pants

black blouse and white pants

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